What is the first thing to do when planning a wedding or event?

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Mary and John got engaged and booked a location for their wedding.
They put down their non-refundable deposit and went on their journey to plan their dream wedding.

Unfortunately, as the time grew closer to the date, their guest count grew as well. By the time they were ready to send out their invitations, not only did they not have enough invitations, but they had secured a venue too small for the amount of guests they wanted to invite and their budget would no longer cover their expanded guest count.

The first thing to do when planning any event it to determine how many guests will be invited.

It is important to know the guest count when you call for a location.
The venue will ask your count to offer you space to accommodate the number of guests. Some locations can only seat a certain amount of people. Your guest count will help you decide where to have your celebration.

Always increase your numbers because if you add to you list, the last thing you want is a room too small for your celebration.

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