How long does it take to plan an event?

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Mary and John want to get married as soon as possible. They have found a location and vendors to participate in their wedding with a 3 month turnaround.

They then found out how much work is involved in putting together a wedding.

They first asked family members for addresses for their invitations—that information was always coming ‘very soon’. The invitations then arrived, damaged in shipping and had to be reprinted. That is not necessarily a dollar issue, but definitely a time one.

Meetings times at the location didn’t work for both parties which ended up costing valuable time that could be spent on other things to be done for the wedding.

This is a question asked by brides on a regular basis.
It depends on your flexibility. A wedding can be planned in as short as 3 months and could take as long as 18. No one can guess what is going to happen tomorrow. Please recognize all the limitations and remember that “stuff happens”.

Many event venues will only confirm space availability 12 months in advance. If you are definite on a specific day, date and location your choices are limited

Saturday nights are the most popular which can limit availability of locations and vendors to your event. Other nights of the week, as well as Saturday and Sunday afternoons, can expand all of your options, including pricing.

The more time you have available to plan, the more choice you have and ability to make alternative selections when necessary.

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